Watch and Listen to Jorge and Debbie’s experience about moving from their brownstone to their new penthouse condominium in Brooklyn

Learn how Jane’s move from the Upper West Side to Washington Heights was made simple + saved time and money in the process with help from Urban Clarity

“Amanda and her team are a force of nature! We first contacted Urban Clarity to help us sift through the contents of my father-in-law’s estate, much of which had “come to live” with us but wasn’t being used. She put us in touch with the right folks to donate and sell all of the unloved pieces! We were about to move, and had her look at our prior space and our new space. She gave us invaluable insights into downsizing our kitchen, creating systems to minimize clutter, and keep the chaos in check.

15 months later we’ve kept a more streamlined approach to our house and are delighted with her organizational help!”

— Lisa R., Park Slope

“Amanda and her team assisted me with two moves in one year. Moving is stressful, but Urban Clarity was there to make sure everything ran smoothly from start to finish. Amanda was so organized that my husband left for work in the morning from one apartment and arrived home with his closets neatly organized in the new apartment!  I also enlisted Urban Clarity to help me unload my mother’s apartment when she passed away. Amanda and her team helped me sort, distribute, store, sell and organize 45 years worth of stuff.

They take pride in their work, they are meticulous, and a pleasure to work with. I truly could not have tackled that project without them!”

— Jennifer Komitee, Brooklyn Heights


Jeff is a corporate lawyer. Danielle is a global head of HR. Between that and raising four kids, that doesn't leave a lot of time for moving and organizing. When they were faced with the challenge of consolidating two residences into a loft apartment in Tribeca, they called Amanda at Urban Clarity.

"Danielle and I were worried about the level and complication of the move. It made us feel calm about the fact that Amanda had everything under control."

“I highly recommend Amanda. She & her team gracefully helped me through 2 moves (first was a move within Brooklyn, the other into our country house upstate). I’m a busy mom with 3 young kids and I’ve been explaining to friends that Amanda & her team were like my “move doulas”. I naively thought I could do the move on my own (my thinking was: I’m hiring movers to pack & unpack, we should be fine) and quickly realized that wasn’t going to go smoothly. Amanda came to the rescue.

We spent several days together purging, sorting, and labeling. Her team whisked my donations to Goodwill and helped me pre-pack. They also coordinated a post-reno cleaning, child-proofing, and an exterminator. I was relieved to have all this taken care of for us. On the day of the move she assembled a small army to help. They placed a Container Store order and built metro shelves so we could easily start storing things in the basement. They directed the movers, unpacked all the boxes, and put things away. They carefully arranged the kitchen cabinets (much better than I’d ever hope to and labeled so we’d know where everything was!), pantry, closets/dressers, kids rooms, and assembled and made beds so we didn’t have to worry about that at the end of the day.

All in all, it was wonderful. Just a few weeks ago, Amanda & two of her team members helped us move into our newly constructed country home. It was as equally helpful & pleasant as the first experience. The thoughtfulness and energy Amanda & her team brought were sanity-saving for me. I always considered myself an organized person, so it took a bit of “letting go” for me, but I trusted the UC team and they did a great job listening if I wanted something done differently.”

— Constance Edwards, Cobble Hill


“I first worked with Amanda several years ago when I was working for a Hebrew school and she came in to help us organize our office. Amanda came in and immediately pointed out some extremely easy ways to make our lives easier. The benefits of her help were immediate and long-lasting. Since then, Amanda has come to my house several times each year.

We always tackle something new and the energy I have to maintain and build off of her visits continue long after she leaves. Amanda has an amazing ability to look at a situation from a different perspective and point things out that I have simply not considered. Amanda asks great questions and listens to my responses. Often we end up working on something different than I have planned based on the conversation we have when she arrives. Working with Amanda allows me to move forward, be more productive and feel calmer in my home.”

— Amy Alpert, Short Hills, NJ

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– P.B., Clinton Hill


Sharon considers herself a very organized person, but in this situation, even she had to call in a professional.

"Amanda and her team really took the reins and made it all seamless for us, and completely de-stressed a stressful situation. — She was always available and accessible... prompt, and professional. Urban Clarity is top notch and they just really nail it."


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“After 37 wonderful years in an enormous apartment in NYC, my husband and I decided to downsize about a year ago. We had no idea how unprepared we were to sift through the detritus of our lives in what could only be described as an archaeological dig. We were utterly stuck. Then Urban Clarity marched in, and took over the apartment sort of like a military battalion.

They understood the immediate time frame (we had to get the apartment on the market) as well as the big picture (we had to put stuff in storage so we could “stage” it). Amanda and her team macro-sorted and helped us micro-sift, and they dealt with the brutal reality that moving to a smaller apartment meant we had to—pardon the expression—cram 10 pounds of stuff into a 5 pound bag. They recommended we sell some things, donate others, and contacted organizations who would haul stuff away. As it turned out, the apartment was ready to be staged in record time thanks to the Urban Clarity team.

How do I describe them... soldiers? psychologists? weight lifters? comedians? All of the above.

The move was high on the stress scale for us (sometimes I thought it would never end) yet Amanda and Co. handled whatever came flying at them with calm diplomacy and skill. Here it is a year later, and the all-star team has returned a couple of times to our new home. This time, working in the trenches with them is fun – the 10 pounds of stuff is almost completely purged - and we’re getting close to the point where only our treasures remain. Amanda and her team made a huge difference in what has been and continues to be a long, complicated transition for us. She is unflappable. I recommend that you hire Urban Clarity without a moment’s hesitation. It is money well spent, and an investment you’ll be happy you were smart enough to make.”

— Ann S., Upper West Side


“I was one step away from appearing in an episode of Hoarders when Amanda and her team came to my house. We reclaimed two rooms in my house that were basically a wreck. Amanda effortlessly organized her team to achieve in a day what would have taken me weeks and week to do on my own. Amanda was completely awesome at keeping me focused and moving forward to achieving our goal. I felt as if a great weight was lifted when we were finished and I am looking forward to working with her and her team again very soon. 

Initially I thought it was expensive but when I saw the results and how much was achieved it was worth every penny. Amanda blends humor, intelligence, and natural calming ability to take charge—I simply cannot recommend her enough.”

— Sarah, Short Hills, NJ

“Today could have been a very emotional day for me: I scheduled a team to do the final move-out activities at my late mother’s apartment, which is also my childhood home. Instead, the amazing women of Urban Clarity made this day a pleasure. They have a rare combination of determination and compassion, and pulled off a daunting job with grace, wit and speed.

They sorted, they engaged a 3rd party team to remove all the heavy discards from the premises, and they shipped the rest to me. They were in touch with me throughout the day to ensure that nothing important was lost in the shuffle. The apartment is now completely empty, and I truly don’t know how we’d have done it without this team. What an amazing company. They also do moves, and home organization. I cannot recommend them more highly!”

— Melissa Ciano Ellis, Austin, TX for Upper East Side Estate



“I hired Amanda to help me carve out room for a home office. She was encouraging, energetic, sympathetic and very practical. She timed our session perfectly and I came away with a new space that is working beautifully over a year later.”

— Joyce Szuflita, Park Slope


“I moved to NYC from Virginia where I had a large home, garage, and basement. Of course my new NYC abode did not afford me the luxury of that much space. Despite the fact that I did not bring all of our stuff with us, upon arrival and unloading of the moving truck here in NYC I soon realized I had way too much stuff. In the midst of all the boxes and much anxiety I called Urban Clarity and was relieved when Amanda said she could send organizers to help me in the morning. Within hours of their arrival I could feel my anxiety disappearing and by the end of the day my house started to look like a home and I was a new woman.

They continued to work with me for several days getting my new brownstone completely set up. They helped me realize what I could part ways with and worked with me to maximize storage while showing me creative ways for storage and organizing that only New Yorkers would know! And when life continues to pile back up and things get unorganized I pick up the phone and ask for help to help me get reorganized. I love working with Urban Clarity. ”

— Tiffany Bowen, Harlem


“I have a lot of stuff and I just moved and was encouraged by a friend to use the chance to purge and organize. At first I resisted and then I took her recommendation to use Urban Clarity. They are a game changer. I have never had a home that I look so forward to getting back to and I have never been so proud. They helped me unpack, purge many bags of items, organize where to put things and how to store them, and then decide where to hang my art and helped hang it.

Best investment I have ever made. I could not more highly recommend them. Like I said, game changer in terms of quality of life. And the team is a total pleasure and even fun to work with. ”

— Debbie, Lower East Side


“Called Amanda late Tuesday. We needed help because my 81 year old Dad suddenly needed to move in—Thursday. We had the room, but it was one of our kid’s old room and it needed to be packed up (in an organized fashion) and readied for new furniture. 21 years of stuff, books, art supplies, etc. seemed daunting and almost impossible. Amanda had Gabrielle show up at 9:00am the next day and with a couple of hours of help from another Urban Clarity colleague and my son, all was accomplished by 4:15pm. Great job. Would use them again in a heart beat.”

— Adam, Prospect Heights


“Although we’re generally pretty organized, we felt like we weren’t using our closets and drawers effectively. Amanda came for an initial consult during which she provided incredibly helpful and insightful recommendations as to how we could revamp our organizational systems. She then had her team come out and execute an organization plan. I really can’t recommend them highly enough, and I look forward to using them again in the future whenever we need a “refresh.””

— Jennifer Halter, Upper East Side


“Urban Clarity changed my life. Prior to finding them I was an amateur hoarder, unable to part with things and feeling heavy with the weight of too many possessions and no order to things. I started working with Urban Clarity and learned that less is more, but if you have more, having them come and organize it can make it feel like less. When my family moved, I worked with Urban Clarity to make sure I had the correct storage in place to hold everything. They helped organize my home before the move, handled a multi-stage, very complicated double move, and seamlessly unpacked me into my new home.

By the end of the move day there were no boxes left in my house and everything has a home and a space. Even my beds were made. They made what could have been the most stressful day of my life a great one. The best part is that the tools they put in for organization are still working and my house feels light and uncluttered. Thank you Urban Clarity!”

— Jane Rudko, Carroll Gardens