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getting overwhelmed by your impending move?

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We can supervise your move from start to finisH

You don't even have to show up if you don't want to!

  • Declutter & Purge

    Our team will declutter your space, and purge the stuff you don't want, so you save money by only moving the stuff you do want.

  • Meet your movers

    Urban Clarity connects you with the city’s premier movers from our exclusive contact list.

  • Storage

    We get your extra stuff out of or into storage (and you get our offsite storage discounts if you need them). We’re pros at multi-site moves.

  • Sayonara, boxes!

    We can recommend customized storage containers that go with your new space and complement your lifestyle.

  • Unpacking & Arranging

    We arrange and fit everything into your new space. By the time we leave, your beds will be made, your closets perfected, and your kitchen will be unpacked and ready to prepare breakfast the next morning!



Urban Clarity offers caring support & advice along the way

remember—we can be as involved as you want us to be. our only goal is to allow you to focus on living in your new space.

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“I highly recommend Amanda. She & her team gracefully helped me through 2 moves (first was a move within Brooklyn, the other into our country house upstate). I’m a busy mom with 3 young kids and I’ve been explaining to friends that Amanda & her team were like my “move doulas”. We spent several days together purging, sorting, and labeling. Her team whisked my donations to Goodwill and helped me pre-pack. They also coordinated a post-reno cleaning, child-proofing, and an exterminator. I was relieved to have all this taken care of for us. On the day of the move she assembled a small army to help. They placed a Container Store order and built metro shelves so we could easily start storing things in the basement. They directed the movers, unpacked all the boxes, and put things away. They carefully arranged the kitchen cabinets (much better than I’d ever hope to and labeled so we’d know where everything was!), pantry, closets/dressers, kids rooms, and assembled and made beds so we didn’t have to worry about that at the end of the day.

All in all, it was wonderful. The thoughtfulness and energy Amanda & her team brought were sanity-saving for me. I always considered myself an organized person, so it took a bit of “letting go” for me, but I trusted the UC team and they did a great job listening if I wanted something done differently.”


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