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Meet our Team

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We are new yorkers (and tri-state area-ITES) JUST like you!

We are kind, understanding, compassionate, and helpful. We are human, not perfect—but when it comes to organizing spaces, we are the experts. Give us a few hours or days, and we’ll transform your space. There is no job too big or small for us, and we promise we won't judge your clutter—we’ve been there ourselves.



Amanda Wiss

After her studies at Wellesley College and Oxford University Amanda worked for the nonprofit Women Incorporated, helping women start businesses. Inspired to start her own company, she launched Urban Clarity in 2007, intent to help others organize themselves into happier, more successful lives. Amanda has grown Urban Clarity to a dynamic team of professional organizers, all talented, empathetic, and highly effective.

In 2012, Urban Clarity was honored by the White House Business Council as a small business success story. Urban Clarity and Amanda have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Real Simple,, Woman’s Day, Parents, A Child Grows in  Brooklyn and O Magazine.

An active member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), Amanda served on the Board of NAPO-NY as the Director of Professional Development, and was honored to receive the President’s Award for her extensive contribution to NAPO-NY. 

Amanda leads in-person workshops on time management, organization, and stress reduction. She served for many years on the Board of the New York Wellesley Club, where she organized alumni programs and led the book club. Originally from Maplewood, NJ, Amanda lives in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, with her husband and two daughters.

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Jayne Schoenbrun is a Brooklyn native and a current resident of Bellmore, Long Island. She has three beautiful grown children, and four rescue dogs whom she adores.  A professional organizer for almost a decade, Jayne loves all aspects of organizing, especially relocations. "Working with our team of organizers together is very special and a lot of fun."

Jayne particularly enjoys unpacking bedrooms and children’s playrooms. "Emptying the cartons and putting everything away is like doing a puzzle and completing it to see the beautiful picture".

Jayne has a 16-year yoga practice, and she passes knowledge from her practice on to her clients. Jayne believes that the most important part of being an organizer is to be nonjudgmental. Everyone has difficult situations so to help without judging is very critical. For her, to be organized does not mean to be neat and tidy. "To be organized means being able to find something when you need it so you don’t have to go purchase it again."


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Rebeca Mosher is a jazz musician, so improvising is second nature to her. And that comes in handy in her Urban Clarity work, because “there’s a lot of improvisation that happens in professional organization.” Rebeca especially enjoys helping clients move homes. “During a move, it’s showtime!’” Rebeca is gifted at visualizing a space and its previously undiscovered storage options. “When I see a corner, I see possibilities. When I see verticality, I see possibilities.”

Rebeca hails from Madrid, Spain, and currently calls Jersey City home. When she is not organizing people's lives, Rebeca enjoys spending time with her husband and toddler, teaches music appreciation to young children and organizes a jazz-flamenco festival in NYC. 


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Gabrielle Hamill, originally from Pennsylvania and now living in Park Slope, Brooklyn, considers her specialty estate clearings. “It’s difficult when somebody has passed away. It’s hard on the descendants. We offer compassion and understanding,” she says, as well as an experienced hand in how to sort through years of a loved one’s belongings. The best part of it, she says, is “you get to know people quite intimately. I have met more people working at Urban Clarity than I have throughout my entire life.” Gabrielle, a veteran of the fashion industry, also has a terrific eye for design and a keen ability to look around a room and instantly imagine how to edit it down. Plus, she has never encountered a toy she couldn’t wrangle. Gabrielle and her husband enjoy traveling with their 12-year-old son.


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Kristen Couse, who grew up in the picturesque Hudson Valley, is “the kitchen lady” on the Urban Clarity team. “I worked in restaurants, I cook a lot, and I gravitate toward kitchens when I’m in anyone’s house. It’s kind of a running joke that I can identify any kitchen item on sight.” An alumna of Hobart & William Smith College and NYC’s Fashion Institute of Technology and a former textile artist, Kristen has a natural eye for home design, and enjoys making things beautiful and functional—including her home in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. Kristen has been an organizer at heart since childhood, when she would store her markers and colored pencils in rainbow order. What Kristen loves most about her work with Urban Clarity is seeing a project through to completion, and helping people. “It feels great to go home feeling like you’ve helped make someone’s life a little better.” Kristen is the proud mother of a 13-year-old son and two cats, and tries to squeeze in as much reading, drawing, sewing, and Mets-baseball-watching as possible.




Organizing a New York apartment is “a fun puzzle,” says Amanda Thudin, a self-professed type-A organizer originally from Minnesota. “In New York City, most of us don't have enough space. Each home provides a unique challenge to make people’s living spaces more efficient, more livable.” Amanda finds connecting personally with every client energizing, and going the extra mile is in her DNA: on a recent day off, she created a spreadsheet cataloguing a client’s extensive DVD and Blu-Ray collections.  A former tech startup gal, Amanda loves going to work and immersing herself in different projects every week. In her down time, she enjoys refinishing and upholstering furniture, re- purposing spaces, working out with friends, and "any outdoor activity". On trips to visit her adorable young nieces in Minnesota, she can’t help but organize for them too. "Even in Minnesota, there's not enough space to contain a toddler's toy collection!" Amanda recently joined an all-women’s volunteer organization to become more involved in the New York community and be surrounded by “passionate, inspiring women” all the time.